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Decentralized machine learning models
Tap ERC Collective Intelligence: Rise Above Centralized AI
Incentivized AI

Contribute your GPU → earn income

Similar to Bitcoin, anyone can participate in offering GPU computational power to earn the TENSOR token, the incentivization token of the blockchain

Censorship Resistant

TensorAI is similar to a mix of Bittorrent and Bitcoin mining, no one user controls the network and no one can control how users train and fine-tune their models. It's a peer-to-peer machine learning network.

Blockchain ↔ AI

Bringing AI onchain. A blockchain designed for validating and incentivising decentralized machine learning AI models.

Feature 03

Fine-tuning and inference

Users have the ability to employ any fine-tuning and sampling methods, execute custom paths through the model, or see its hidden states. Just as simple as using your favorite transformers like pytoch or huggingface

Feature 03
AI Applications & Integrations

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Use any of our products or build your own. Powered by the TensorAI Decentralized Blockchain

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